BBR For Men


Welcome to BBR For Men!

We have listened to the popular demand from our BBR ladies to create a Program for their partners and are extremely excited to release our first ever male-focused Program!

This is a 6 Week Training + Nutrition Guide, specifically focusing on becoming fit and functional. As part of this Program, you will receive:

  • 6 Week Training Guide with video demonstrations for each exercise
  • 6 Week Nutrition Guide, allowing you to select the Meal Guide that best suits YOU and YOUR goals.
  • Access to a private, male-only Facebook forum to provide you with the support you need for your Program. 

This is the perfect Program to allow you to enhance your overall health and fitness, burn body fat, gain muscle, increase your flexibility and improve your cardiovascular fitness. This Program provides the ideal opportunity to kick-off your fitness journey and become a part of the BBR community with your partner!

As soon as you purchase, your eBooks will be sent directly to your email address. Please note, this Program is not a part of the BBR App.

Let's do this!