January 2019 - Now (July)
Challenges: 6 Week Bikini 1.0 & 2.0, and Shred 1.0

BBR has changed not only my perspective with food and given me a love for getting to the gym but also has helped me to motivate others to start taking better care of themselves as well. I have more confidence than I ever have in my life, and those around me see it. I still have a way to go before I've really reached my "dream body" but BBR has made it so I can enjoy the body I have now with less shame, less hiding, and more doing. I've brought a few male friends into BBR For Men and they love it! I've bought other programs and they never got me WANTING to be in the gym regularly, I'd dread the workouts, but with BBR I'm engaged. I'm excited regularly to check out what's my next workout, and can't wait to get to the gym, even after a 12 hour day outside for work in the sun.