We work so hard at Bodies by Rachel to provide you the best possible experience - so we're excited to share with you our history of new features and enhancements released on our App.

Stay tuned for more updates! ❤️

  • NEW PROGRAM 💪 : 4 Week Challenge
  • New UI: Ability to update your Update My Macros
  • New UI: Deload Phase
  • Workouts: Ability to manually Complete exercises, and daily workouts
  • Workouts: Ability to Resume workouts from where you left off
  • Workouts: Updated Section Rest Design
  • Program Review / Offboarding Summary
  • Tracking: Added Arm and Thigh Measurements


  • New UI: Post Program 
  • Trial: Updated Free Trial Behaviour
  • New UI: Workouts - Updated Rest Screen
  • Workouts: Enabled Video Caching
  • Workouts: Enabled Swaps For Past Days
  • Workouts: Added 3-2-1 countdown beep sound
  • Enabled Purchasing of Multiple Programs
  • Goals: Enabled Goal Tracking for Previous Days
  • Goals: Added feature to revisit Daily Goal Setting and Reflection Pop-ups
  • Tracking: Displayed Onboarding Details in Tracking Tab
  • Exclusive Video Content: Remove limit - infinite scrolling