Training To Shape A Bikini Body

Welcome gorgeous, What an incredible week it has been at BBR! After such an overwhelming response, my 21 Day 'Train Like Me' Challenge has officially reached capacity. To all the babes that have joined - I can't wait to do this with you! I began my fitness journey with one goal in mind; to build a bikini body! I always craved feminine curves and wanted to create a toned and feminine physique. After years of experimenting with different training approaches, I finally discovered what was most effective for me and soon after started to see the results I desired. These same methods have led to amazing results for my clients. Take a look at Connie below: As you can see, Connie has made some INCREDIBLE changes to her physique in just 6 weeks. You can access my latest workout plan here if you're interested! There are a number of important elements to consider when transforming your physique, but today we are exploring my favourite - TRAINING! When it comes to building a bikini body, I focus on three main areas; sculpting the legs, growing the booty, and tightening the waist. Targeting these areas allows us to enhance our hourglass figure and change our shape. So, what changes can you make to your training routine to help you achieve this? 1. SET A GOAL When it comes to changing your body composition, nothing happens by accident. If you're serious about changing your shape, the first step is identifying your goal and creating a plan to help you achieve that goal. I get so many enquiries from ladies who train frequently and eat well, but are struggling to make the changes they desire. This is because changing your body composition requires a different approach to being generally fit and healthy. I used to complete up to 5 HIIT workouts a week with an extremely clean diet, but my body wasn't making the visible changes I wanted. You will be surprised how quickly your body can respond to the right approach! 2. COMMIT TO YOUR GOAL Like everything else in life, if you really want something you need to work for it! Once you have identified your goal, you need to completely commit yourself to it if you want to see the best progress. This means training 5-6 days a week, every week. While this may seem intimidating at first, you will find that the more you train, the easier it becomes. Learn to love your routine and look forward to your workouts. When you do this, anything is possible. Matilda is a perfect example of this! Look at what she achieved in my last 6 Week Challenge; 3. ACTIVATE YOUR WORKING MUSCLE The way we perform our movements is SO important. I swear by activation exercises and recommend all my clients to 'switch on' their target muscle as part of their workouts, but what does this actually mean? Imagine you've woken up, driven to work, sat at your desk all day, then gone for your evening workout. Your glutes have been completely disengaged all day, and it's extremely difficult to engage them without specific exercises. It's time to wake them up! Squatting with your glutes switched off would engage your quads and hamstrings as many of us are dominant in these areas, making it difficult for your you to grow your booty. Equally important to 'switching on' your working muscle is focusing on the contraction in each movement. Allowing yourself to purely focus on your target muscle as you perform an exercise will enable you with the greatest contraction. This is something so often missed, but so important! In your next workout, take your normal working weight and complete your set as you focus solely on your target muscle and contraction of each repetition. Don't rush through the movement, but rather 'squeeeeeezzzeeeeeeeee' and feel the burn! 4. TRAIN SPECIFIC TO YOUR GOAL When it comes to sculpting the female body, I highly recommend weights and resistance training. You should choose a weight that is challenging through a high rep range, without sacrificing your form. Different training styles have different purposes and benefits, however I believe we can maximise our results with a comfortable amount of weight and resistance. The key to progress here is frequency! In order to get the greatest results, we need to be constantly challenging ourselves and increasing our intensity as we get stronger. I have developed a unique training style that has been very effective for me, and I love seeing my clients thrive under my methods! If you'd like to sample my favourite workouts (and train exactly like I am now), you can access my 21 Day Workout Plan here. These workouts are available for a limited time for only $39.99AUD. If you're looking for a new training routine to sculpt that bikini body and trial a new style of training, you will love these! Hope you found this useful ladies. Sending you all my love - I believe in you! Rach xx