No gym, no problem: a guide to working out at home

For so many of us, working out is what keeps us sane, gets our endorphins running, and is something to look forward to in our daily routine. Just because gyms are currently closed, it doesn't mean you need to sacrifice this huge part of your happiness!

It’s so important to maintain some of your regular routine during these times, and continuing to exercise will help strengthen both your mental and physical health. 

In times like this you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got. Look at the bright side of your situation, and be grateful that although you might be stuck inside, you’ve got legs that move, a roof over your head, and the luxury to have little worries such as no gym!

There are so many benefits of working out at home. You’re saving money on a gym membership, you’re in the comfort of your own home, you can roll out of bed and straight into your workout (so you don’t need to look the part), you save driving time, and won’t have to fight for a space or equipment!

That’s why we’ve created our BBR workouts to be an attainable, realistic and flexible reality no matter your situation, location or lifestyle! 

As with all of our Programs and Challenges, you will have access to both gym and home workout options for every workout. The BBR App allows you to choose a workout option that suits YOU. With our brand new customisable Workout Planner, you can modify, add, delete and swap your workouts to suit your preference and lifestyle. As well as a regression, progression and exercise swap, you will now also find a no equipment alternative for every exercise!

Whether it’s in your living room, the backyard, or a hotel room, there is no excuse to not get your workout in at home. You can smash out an early morning HIIT circuit before work, and throw in a quick 15-minute core session in the evening.

Adapt and Overcome

We know finding equipment can be like finding a needle in a haystack at the moment, but keep an eye out on your local community pages, Facebook Marketplace, and sites like Gumtree or Craigslist for some second-hand bargains! 

Don’t forget you can also find the home work out staple items on our website! We have also created BBR Home Essentials Bundles here!


Ideally, we would recommend the following equipment for home workouts:

There’s no need to stress if you can’t obtain these items, as our Programs also include a library of minimal and zero equipment workout options. Not having any equipment is no reason to put your journey on hold. We have loved watching our BBR community get creative in the Facebook Forum over the last few weeks in isolation!

Here are some of our favourite alternatives for equipment using common household items:

  • Missing weighted squats and lunges? Fill a backpack with tinned food items for some extra weight.

  • Use your laundry detergent bottles for a shoulder press instead, and swap your dumbbells with water bottles for bicep curls.

  • You’ll definitely feel the burn replacing an exercise ball with a skateboard for laying hamstring curls. Your skateboard can also double as an ab roller and a fun alternative for backward lunges too. 

  • While your gym bag isn't getting any use, fill it with some heavy books and use it for weighted hip thrusts.

If you have absolutely none of this, you can always resort to squatting, hip thrusting and leg pressing your isolation roommate, partner, or child as human equipment! 


5 tips for training at home

  1. Create a designated space for your workouts, and ensure you have enough space to correctly perform the exercises. If you have the space, choose an area away from your bed or the couch, as these are the spaces you’ve associated with relaxing. Personalise your area and make it a space you’ll actually enjoy spending time. 

  2. Invest in some exercise equipment over time! Creating your home gym doesn't have to be expensive with unnecessary cardio machines and complex multi-gyms. The essentials are affordable and won’t take up much space. Having the right equipment will help you perform a wider range of effective exercises that will help you achieve your goal. All the basics are available on our websiteand you can find dumbbells and weights at your local sporting store and online retailers such as Amazon. 

  3. There’s nothing like blasting a great song to put you in the zone for a workout. We have the perfect BBR playlist on Spotify to keep the energy levels high through your next home workout.

  4. It’s easier to find the motivation to workout when your goal is in the front of your mind. Remember why you're doing this and what you want to achieve. Write it down, make a vision board for your home gym, and keep track of your progress!

  5. Make yourself a workout schedule and block off a set time for your workouts. 30 minutes is only 2% of your entire day! If you want to make your workouts more sociable, invite a friend over, or head to a nearby park for your workout. Kids or partner in the way? Get them involved and impress them with how strong you are!

Here are 5 of our favourite no equipment at home workouts you must try:


You don’t need access to a gym to achieve amazing results!

Our BBR ambassador Carly is just one example of so many amazing transformations we’ve seen from our home workout programs.

Carly has completed 8 challenges with BBR, and achieved her amazing transformation with our home workouts option! You can follow Carly’s fitness journey here.


Carly has created a truly impressive home gym set up in her own home, complete with a squat rack, full-body mirror, and a range of weights. But the most important tool throughout it all has been her determination and will-power!

This is just a handful of some of the amazing results our clients have achieved through our home workout options. They did it without a gym membership or expensive equipment, and so can you!


Much love,

Rach and Team BBR xx