Hello babes! After such a positive response to my top tips to 'Shrink Your Waist', I thought it would be useful to share my favourite core workout. As ladies, our stomachs are often a focus area. Whether you have a particular bikini in mind, or a dress that just doesn't sit right on your midsection - you are not alone on your journey to a tighter tummy. A lean stomach is one of the keys to an hourglass figure, and I'm here to share some tips that can help you to make the changes that you desire. With the right approach to training and nutrition, you CAN build the body of your dreams. I've personally experimented with many approaches to my workouts, which included both overtraining and also under training my core in the hope of tightening my waist and shaping my abs. I've recently had a lot of success with my current approach for not only myself, but also my clients. Take a look at the amazing changes below;  

Amazing right?! So, what has allowed these girls to make such incredible progress? 

In short, their ability to consistently follow the right training and nutrition plans for their bodies! In a matter of weeks, these girls have been able to completely change their physiques. If you'd like a custom program, check out my brand new 21 Day 'Train Like Me' Challenge for only $49.95AUD. We are currently 60% full!

From my experiences with my own body and my clients, I have found that bodyweight core exercises are most effective to tighten our midsection and shrink our waists. My focus on building bikini bodies targets four main areas; sculpting lean legs, growing shapely glutes, tightening the midsection, and widening the back. This approach has really helped me to bring in my stomach while maintaining a small waist. These bodyweight exercises are definitely challenging, and I often use them as a finisher to end my workouts. I'd recommend adding this to your workout routine three times per week. Check out my current fave workout below;

I complete this as a circuit, doing each exercise for 30 seconds, then resting for 60 seconds at the end of the round. I complete this 4 times, so 4 rounds in total! You will DEFINITELY feel the burn with this! Some of my best tips when it comes to core training include;
  • Mind-To-Muscle Connection: Focus on really engaging your core with each repetition.
  • Use the correct form: Don't swing or sway with the movements. Slow, controlled motions always win with this!
  • Consistency: Try to include an isolated core workout like this 3 times per week
If you are able to introduce this to your routine and combine it with the right nutritional plan, you are well on your way to making some amazing progress! There is no denying that your diet has the biggest effect on your ability to burn fat and shape your body.  My brand new 21 Day Challenge includes my favourite workouts for all body parts, as well as a personalised meal plan for your body. It also has workout demonstration videos for every exercise, so I can teach you how to train exactly as I do! This is my most popular program yet, and we are already 60% full. At $49.95AUD ($39USD), this is a great opportunity to get a personalised program to take control of your fitness journey. If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, click here to register your spot. I'd love to have you!  Thanks for reading ladies - hope this helps! Rach xx