How our clients achieve incredible long term progress

Our ultimate goal has always been to equip our clients with skills allowing them to keep progressing and achieving long term lifestyle changes.

We have been lucky enough to work with many queens through the course of multiple Programs and Challenges, watching them grow and surpass their own wildest expectations of themselves. 

Today, we would like to share some of the most amazing BBR stories - along with helpful tips for continuing your fitness journey with us!

Ellie’s Journey

Currently, Ellie is completing her 16th - you read that right! - BBR Challenge, having chosen Team Bikini Build 2.0 this time around. 

Here’s a snapshot of Ellie’s progress:

Ellie’s top tip 🔥: “Consistency is key! 

Recently, I let myself get to a point of exhaustion due to an extremely busy lifestyle (I have a full-time job, two part time jobs, and I study), and trying to juggle all of this with training was getting hard. What I realised is that I wasn’t letting my body recover - and that I needed to slow down and focus on the bigger picture.

Five weeks later, I still have the same busy lifestyle, however I'm making it a priority to find time to meal prep and eat nutritious foods, I'm prioritising training and moving my body regularly, and I'm sure as hell making it a priority to rest when I need to and recover properly by getting enough sleep each night! Keep it simple and prioritise your efforts consistently. All the little changes add up to big results!”

Thamar’s Journey

Just like Ellie, Thamar is currently completing the Bikini Build 2.0 Challenge. Despite doing every Challenge with us since 2018, she admits her current training regime is still the best way possible!

Thamar doesn’t cease to amaze us with her unbreakable determination, as well as how kind and inspiring she is within our community.

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves:

Thamar’s top tip 🔥: “Adapt and overcome!

I’m currently stuck in South Africa as flights to the U.K. keep getting cancelled, but I’m grateful I still get to use the gym here. I’m struggling a bit not having my usual routine and my own things so this Challenge goals have changed a little for me! My biggest goal is to embrace a flexible and balanced lifestyle - and not freak out when I am not hitting my calories 100% (this is hard for someone like me who loves feeling in control!)

I also wanted to send some love to all my UK queens right now, I know working out from home isn’t ideal but just remind you you’ve got this! I did Bikini Build 1.0 at home last year during the first lockdown and it was one of the challenges where I grew the most physically and mentally. Keep pushing and keep trying - you’ve got this!”

Alina’s Journey

Alina has been training with us for almost a year, completing multiple Challenges and Programs, including Bikini Build, Booty RD 2, Booty & Core and now TLM 2.0. 

She believes that no matter what, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve your goals - and this mindset helps Ali achieve fabulous results.

Alina’s top tip 🔥: “This lifestyle is addictive - don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

BBR Programs have changed my life for the better, which has helped me be a better person — a more energetic team member, a more happy + positive nurse, a smiling face around the hospital that can help bring light to those who may be facing some of the worst days of their lives. The non-physique changes I have made are equally as valuable as the physical. My relationship with food has done a complete 180, my energy levels have improved drastically, AND I’ve learned so much about non-scale victories, and even making new friends in both the BBR & gym communities 🥰

I am a whole new woman! My strength, muscle mass, & body composition have undergone big changes & I am SO thrilled with my results 🌟! It takes work, dedication, & will-power, but BBR gives you the tools to succeed!!! At the end of the day, you have to get out there and DO it, and BBR helps make that possible by eliminating all the guesswork & planning ❤️.

I literally can’t say enough good things about BBR. Sorry Rach, you’re stuck with me for life 😉"

Not Sure What Challenge To Complete Next?

We totally get it, girl - with so many options to choose from, making a selection can be hard!

If you’ve completed a Challenge with us before, going 1 round up is always a fabulous option. For example, if you’ve mastered Booty 2, why not try our BRAND NEW Booty 3.0 - with Rachel completing it by your side? 😍

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