Nutrition, your way with BBR!

Ask 100 people what they struggle most with on their health and fitness journey - and chances are at least 80 will sigh and say “nutrition”.

I completely relate - and totally understand that it can be incredibly difficult to get your nutrition right!

After all, something like exercise only takes up about an hour (if that) of your day - and in contrast, nourishing your body is something that needs to be considered constantly. The problem is not even necessarily that we don’t know “what to eat” - there’s lots of information out there about the general principles of healthy eating.

But once you’ve got that down pat and start digging a bit deeper, so many questions arise, such as:

👉 How much should you be eating for your goal?

👉 Out of all nutritious foods, which ones should prevail on your plate?

👉 Are there any foods you should be avoiding altogether?

👉 Should you be eating the same stuff every single day?

👉 Don’t you need to be super rigid with your nutrition habits to see results?

👉 What to do if something gets in the way of your lifestyle - being that a big weekend, a vacation, or a stressful period in life?

No wonder nutrition seems so complicated! Trust me, I’ve been there too - but over the years, I have managed to find simple, sustainable strategies to gain control of my diet.


I have then worked even harder on creating an environment for my amazing clients where nutrition is easy, effortless and has all the tools right at one’s fingertips!

I’ve been getting lots of questions about nutrition features in my brand new BBR App - and today I’m going to give you a detailed breakdown of what to expect. I hope you are as excited as I am! 👀

BBR approach to nutrition

At BBR, we believe that getting nutrition right is incredibly important for achieving the results you desire! 

This is why when setting your nutrition targets, our team of Dietitians takes many factors into consideration, such as:

✅ Goal

✅ Age

✅ Physique

✅ Usual activity levels

✅ Previous targets and goals

✅ And more!

Based on this information, you get a Meal Guide that is customised to hit your calories and macros, as well as match your preferred dietary requirements such as:

✅ No Restrictions - the most variety, all kinds of foods included!

✅ Dairy Free

✅ Gluten Free

✅ Red Meat Free

✅ Seafood Free

✅ Nut Free

✅ Pescetarian

✅ Vegetarian

✅ Vegan

Everyone’s needs and goals are different - and when you train with BBR, you can be confident that your nutrition protocol is created with these in mind!

Discover your nutrition dashboard

You asked - and we listened! 🎉

Your Nutrition Dashboard offers an intuitive, customisable experience to ensure you can really make your Meal Guide your own!

Upon completion of your Questionnaire, we will suggest a Meal Guide for you, as well as the order of meals based on whether you train in the morning in the afternoon (don’t worry, there is a toggle allowing you to switch between AM and PM training modes any time).

From there, you have endless options!

👉 Tick off your meals as you go - which will update your remaining daily targets

👉 Plan your meals ahead of time by tweaking each day individually, or save your new favourite day as “default”

👉Don’t worry, you can always revert back to your original recommended Meal Guide - so get as creative as you desire without worrying too much about getting it all wrong.

Get creative with your meals

The new BBR App offers the most extensive choice of nutrition customisation options we ever had on offer!

👉 Drag meals around to change their order to best suit your schedule

👉 Customise your Meal Guide with our library of thousands of food items and 500+ delicious recipes created by the BBR Nutrition Team

👉 Not finding your favourite items? For the first time ever, you can add your own meals and recipes to your Food Database!

👉 Take advantage of the new and improved Shopping List - which doesn’t only include the items from your default Meal Guide, but also lets you add your own

And of course, there’s also our MOST HIGHLY ANTICIPATED nutrition update yet… Want to really change things up? You can now get a completely new Meal Guide any time - it’s as easy as pushing a button!

Update your goals and preferences

Our goals and preferences change throughout our health and fitness journeys - and now you can effortlessly apply adjustments to your nutrition targets by using My Macros section of your App!

By completing a very short questionnaire, you can indicate whether:

👉 Your goal has changed

👉 You are feeling too hungry or full on your current targets

👉 Your dietary restrictions/preferences need updating

This will enable you to apply changes to your Meal Guide accordingly - or stick to the current targets if desired!

Nutrition features FAQ

Here are the answers to the most popular questions we have been getting about our new nutrition features!

Is there a Macros Only option?

In the new App, there’s no Macros Only option - everyone gets access to Meal Guides! Of course, you can create your own if you prefer - and out new features make it easier than ever to track your meals right in the App.

Can I purchase a Nutrition Guide separately, without training?

No - we provide them as a package as our nutrition protocols are tailored to our training Programs! 

Excited to access multiple Meal Guides - but is it best to just follow the BBR-recommended one for best results?

You will achieve equally great results by using a variety of Meal Guides as they are all tailored to your nutritional goals! It’s a matter of preference - some prefer variety, while others find it easier to stick to one Meal Guide.

Is “Update My Macros” feature the same as “Freestyle Macros” in the previous app?

No, it’s a different feature! We have simplified the process to take the guesswork out, and suggested nutritional targets will be provided for you as opposed to having to tweak macros manually.

If I add my own foods to the Food Database, will they be visible for everyone?

Only you will see the items you have added - and likewise, you won’t see items from other users. This is done to protect the Food Database from potentially incorrect/incomplete entries becoming available for all users.

Will there be a barcode scanner for food items?

Not at the moment!

Will I be able to ask for a new Meal Guide at Check Ins?

Yes, you can still choose for your BBR-recommended Meal Guide to be updated to a different one! We may also update your targets at check ins, based on your responses. 

How frequently can I update my goals and preferences?

As often as you like - however when it comes to macros/goals, we do recommend sticking to one option for at least a few weeks where possible for best results.

Experience the new BBR App!

All the above features and MORE are exclusively available in the new BBR App - and intake for my most popular Train Like Me Challenge are still open!

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I am looking forward to working with you!

Much love,

Rach and Team BBR xx