How Does My TLM Challenge Work?

Hi gorgeous!

So you've heard about my new TLM Challenge, but do you know exactly how it works? This is my most popular BBR Challever EVER! I've written this blog to let you know what makes it so special❤️

This TLM is all about providing you with the ultimate experience to transform and unlock the happiest, healthiest, most-confident YOU. The new App is now available to download, with so many new features to enhance your journey. Places for this Challenge are filling fast and we're getting close to Day 1 - you can click here to secure your place now!

Once you've joined, you will be able to log in to the new App and begin your Challenge experience. The first step of this journey is to complete your Questionnaire!

The most effective way to achieve your goals is to follow a Program suited for YOU and YOUR goals! Your Questionnaire is a series of 8-steps, allowing me to understand your current lifestyle, body type, view your current body, nutrition preferences, goals and more. After you've submitted this information, it will be reviewed to ensure that your Program is best-suited to you.  

 Your Challenge includes 8 weeks of daily workouts, sharing the same training protocol that I used on my journey to the WBFF World Stage. You have the option to select between HOME or GYM workouts each day, as well as video demonstrations + exercise tutorials for each movement.

I have also built an 'Exercise Swaps' tool, which allows you to easily view exercise substitutes (this is a great tool if you're gym is busy or you prefer a different movement). The App also includes a 'Playable Workout' feature with a timer, allowing you to train with me!

I've also included a 'Workout Notes' section, enabling you to record daily notes about your workout to track your progress and performance. We have also included a new 'Extras'feature and 'Daily Activity' guide, which include additional optional features on cardio, daily steps, workout finishers + so much more. BBR training has never been this good!

 This is such an important part of your journey and I LOVE how nutrition works as part of this Challenge. Your Meal Guide is specific to your needs and dietary requirements and the App makes it easier than ever to follow your Meal Guide. 

The BBR App will provide you with a daily outline of what we recommend you to eat in each meal, as well as the option for Food Swaps. Feel like changing up your foods? Simply click the arrow to substitute for a different food item with the same macronutrients! 

You also have access to our updated Recipe Book, with 200+ delicious recipe options. These recipes are easy-to-create, allowing you to eat delicious meals while sticking to your recommended macros. Your App also includes a Shopping List and a lot of other features to help you take control of your nutrition and achieve your goals. This is all about introducing you to a SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE approach to eating!

 This is where things get REALLY exciting! We have built a brand new 'MY GOALS' feature in the App, allowing you to rate your performance daily. Track your training, nutrition, mindset, sleep and hydration each day and receive an overview score of your progress! 

Your App also includes weekly specific progress tracking features and two check-ins throughout your Challenge, enabling us to update your nutrition based on your feedback.

There is an increased focus on accountability, as this is ultimately what will determine your progress. I want to see you succeed! 

My Team and I are with you throughout every stage of your journey. We are always accessible to guide your Challenge experience, as well as giving you access to exclusive content and updates. You will receive two update emails from me each week, as well as lives in our Facebook Forum from myself, Emma and our BBR Dietitian. 

I'm doing this Challenge too! We are all in this together❤️

This Challenge officially begins on Monday, September 9th, with places for this Challenge filling extremely quickly. Click here to secure your place now to download your BBR App and begin preparing for Day 1. I would love to share this experience with you!