Week of Home Workouts

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading globally, resulting in increasing levels of precautionary measures applied in public places. To slow down the spread of the infection in line with social distancing directives, many gyms across the globe are closing down as “non-essential” services that may potentially promote spread of the virus. 

If health and fitness is a major part of your lifestyle, and you are an avid gym goer, it is completely normal to feel lost and frustrated. How are you supposed to train? Will you lose progress? Are there any solutions that can be implemented to continue training during the crisis that do not put yourself or others at risk?

We’ve got you! This blog contains some great tips on protecting yourself and others if you do decide to keep up with your gym routine - as well as how to take your workouts home efficiently, even if you don’t have much (or any!) equipment.

Tips For Training At The Gym!💪🏼

If you live in an area where a considerable number of corona virus cases has been detected, we do urge you to consider your decision to continue gym workouts very carefully. The worrying thing with gyms is that even your own hygiene is impeccable, you can’t necessarily rely on others to meet similar standards. 

If you do decide to attend the gym, consider these tips to minimise the risks:

  • Wipe your equipment regularly with disinfectant provided - and if it’s out of reach, don’t be shy and demand communal supplies!
  • Wash your hands frequently - and thoroughly.
  • Avoid touching your face at all costs.
  • Distance yourself from others as much as possible.
  • Go at off-peak hours.
  • Make your workout as short and sweet as possible (our Team Shred workouts are very time-efficient, if you’re looking for a Challenge to suit the circumstances).

If you’re unwell - and ESPECIALLY if you have cold-like symptoms - don’t risk it and stay at home. It may be nothing, but better safe than sorry!

Tips For Training At Home!🏠

We get so many messages from ladies asking if they can train at home and get great results. The answer is a resounding YES - in fact, all BBR Programs offer BOTH gym and home options! Life happens - corona virus or not - and we want you to succeed in all circumstances.

If we were to pick one BBR Program to complete at home with minimal to no equipment, most certainly it would be Team Shred! This Challenge helps achieve a full-body transformation through short, sharp, intense workouts without the use of any complex gym equipment - just the ticket for when you must stay at home!

Ideally, for any home training program you would benefit from obtaining the following equipment:

  • Dumbbells (adjustable ones like this set will give you great variety without taking up a lot of space). Alternatively, I'd recommend one set of 3-4kg dumbbells, and another of 7-8kg dumbbells. 
  • Booty bands or cotton bands, which are great for activating and targeting the lower body.
  • Ankle weights - a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment that can help sculpt the legs and glutes.
  • A bench, or a sturdy elevated surface that can safely act like one
  • If possible, it’s also highly beneficial to obtain an exercise ball, as well as a set of resistance bands with handles (for upper body workouts).

Bonus points if you can set up an area that’s dedicated to exercise - this will ensure you’re focused on your session and minimise distractions.

If you can’t get to stores and don’t have much - or any - equipment, it’s also completely fine to get creative (e.g. full water bottles used as weights), or perform exercises with bodyweight only. Remember - any movement beats no movement!

Whether you’re stocked up on home essentials or not, you will still likely find that your weight and equipment selection is compromised compared to what you may be used to at the gym. However, you can still have a very challenging, effective workout by focusing on perfect reps, not rushing and adding volume (more sets and reps). You will be surprised by just how much you can achieve with these little tweaks!

And finally, we would like to present you with Rachel’s week of home workouts!


This workout split, inspired by our 6 Week Shred Challenge, requires minimal equipment and space, and is a perfect solution for any time you can’t leave the house but want to get your sessions done. Take a look at the weekly overview below:

Ready to get started? I've shared a complete week of home training for you below! You will find your daily workouts, plus, I'll be uploading a video of me completing each of the workouts on my Instagram page every day of the week! Let's do this!💪🏼 

You can click here to view Rachel complete this workout! If you need any guidance with how to correctly perform each movement, this is a great tool for you. Enjoy!

Click here to view Rachel complete Tuesday's lower body workout!

Sundays are for rest and recovery! We hope this week of workouts helps you stay active and continue your journey in these difficult times! We've got this!

Rach and Team BBR❤️