6 Week Challenge 2019 FAQs!

My brand new 6 Week Challenge is here and sign-ups are selling fast! With the start of the Challenge just weeks away, I wanted to cover some Frequently Asked Questions to equip you with all the information you need to get started. 

    • Which Challenges are available and how do I choose what is right for me?
    • Do I have access to both Home and Gym Options?

    YES! This is a BRAND new feature I have

My most popular Challenges are back - Shred, Booty and Bikini + Bikini 3.0 - MY BRAND NEW CHALLENGE!

Team Shred

  • You are looking to shred unwanted body fat
  • You are short for time
  • You love HIIT training
  • You want to achieve great results without complex gym machines
  • You are looking to tighten and tone
  • You have tried everything and still cannot get rid of that stubborn fat

Team Booty

  • You want bigger glutes
  • You love lifting weights
  • You want to sculpt and tone your legs and glutes
  • You want to build muscle without gaining too much fat
  • Have tried everything and are still struggling to grow your glutes

Team Bikini

  • You want to sculpt an hourglass figure
  • You want to experience a variety of challenging workouts
  • You want to experience life changing results
  • How do I know which round to choose? How Do They Differ?
The rounds are simply different variations of the training programs! Different rounds vary in training styles, exercises, rounds, repetitions and intensity.
If you haven't done one of our challenges before, we would recommend starting with Round 1! Round 1 doesn’t mean it’s easier - it’s still very challenging.
If you're still unsure what to choose, you can enter your info here to receive a free sample of the challenges: https://bodiesbyrachel.com.au/pages/bikini-booty-shred-are-back 
  • What sort of training sessions can I expect from each Challenge?

Team Shred

  • Full body HIIT circuits for fat loss and toning
  • Purely weighted upper and lower body sessions to sculpt your body
  • Cardio options

Team Booty

  • Weighted HIIT sessions for fat burning
  • Plyometric movements to sculpt lean legs
  • Muscle specific splits for muscle growth (e.g. glutes, quads)
  • Cardio options

Team Bikini

  • Resistance / strength training to sculpt definition
  • Core strength and stability work
  • Sculpting and shaping glute and leg workouts
  • Fat loss focused HIIT workouts
  • Cardio options
  • Do I get a Meal Guide with the Challenge?

With this Challenge you have a choice of two nutrition options; Macros + Meal Guide, or Macros Only.

If you are new to fitness, or not experienced with tracking, the Macros + Meal Guide option will be perfect for you.  You’ll receive a Meal Guide with some recommendations on what foods to eat – plus you’ll receive your personalised macros based on your goals.  You will also have access to my Food Swap tool to allow you to eat more of the foods you prefer. The Macros Only option is great for more experienced ladies who want the flexibility of writing their own meal plan.  Please note, the Macros Only option does not include a Meal Guide.

  • I have dietary requirements, can these be catered for?

Yes! My Meal Guides can cater for a range of dietary requirements, including:

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Red Meat Free, Seafood Free, Pescetarian, Vegetarian, Vegan & Paleo.  However, if you don’t have intolerances I recommend not choosing exclusions to “try” for the Challenge. Your exclusions cannot be changed throughout the Challenge – so you might get one week in and not enjoy your choice.  I recommend sticking to “No Restrictions” where possible so you have the greatest variety of foods available.

  • I have a Medical Condition; can I take part in your Challenge?

You will need to check with your Doctor on this.  The Challenge can not be tailored to suit any medical conditions (or conditions such as Breastfeeding), and I don’t recommend taking part if you have health concerns.  If you have full clearance from your Doctor to participate, fabulous! If you don’t, please put it off until you do.

  • What’s the BBR App?

The 6 Week Challenge will be accessed via my BBR App. The Challenge will be delivered completely through the App!  It incorporates your Meal Guide/Macros, Recipes, Training Plan, Check Ins, Food Swap Table, Exercise Demonstrations… Everything you need is in the App! It makes it so simple to stay on track as everything you need is in the palm of your hand. I also provide you with an App Handbook; which explains exactly how to use the features on the App.

  • Is the App available on Apple AND Android?

Yes! The App will be available for download on both Apple and Android Devices. From the App Store for Apple, and Google Play store for Android.

  • Where do I get the BBR App?

You can download the BBR App from the App Store or Google Play Store! You won’t gain access to the App until the week before the Challenge start date. We’ll email you instructions on how to create your login and gain access to the App as we approach the start date. Please make sure you check your junk mail regularly as sometimes my emails end up there!

If you already have the BBR App, great! You won’t need to download again. Instructions on how to update will come closer to the Challenge.

  • I haven’t purchased a place in the Challenge, can I still get the App?

You can’t! The App is exclusively available to my Challenge babes.  If you want access, please join us! I’d love to have you on board.

  • You used to do PDF Challenges.  Is there a PDF Version of the Challenges available?

No there is not!  The BBR App is the new method of delivering my Challenges.  It’s so much more user friendly & interactive then a PDF. There is no PDF version available.

  • How long will I have access to the App for?

Your Challenge will remain available in your BBR App for 6 months! So you can repeat the workouts as many times as you like within this period.  If you purchase a new Challenge at a later date, the App will store all of the Challenges you have purchased, which allows you to swap between them!

  • Do I have access to both Home and Gym Options?

YES! This is a BRAND new feature I have just added to the BBR App! You will have access to both HOME & GYM options for the price of one! This is super convenient for those who sometimes are short on time and cant get to the Gym!

  • Can I still get great results training at Home?

Hell yeah you can!  Home workouts are particularly helpful for ladies who live in rural areas without well equipped gyms, or Mums, or just ladies who don’t want to head to the gym.  You get out what you put in – if you push yourself in your sessions, absolutely you can achieve amazing results at home.

  • What equipment will I need to complete the Challenge?

Shred: Skipping Rope, Ankle Weights, Cables, Kettlebell, Barbells, Dumbbells and a Cardio Machine (e.g Treadmill, Stationary Bike).

Bikini Body Gym: You will require standard gym equipment to complete this Challenge as well as a Cotton Band, Booty Bands, Ankle Weights, Barbell Pad, Ankle Strap.

Bikini Body Home: Dumbbells, Skipping Rope, Resistance Bands, Cotton Band, Booty Bands, Ankle Weights & Exercise Ball.

Booty Gym: You will require standard gym equipment to complete this Challenge as well as a Cotton Band, Booty Bands, Ankle Weights, Barbell Pad, Ankle Straps.

Booty Home: Dumbbells, Skipping Rope, Resistance Bands, Cotton Band, Booty Bands, Ankle Weights, Exercise Ball. 

  • Do I get Check Ins?

YES! You will have one check in during this Challenge – at the end of week 3.  Checking in via your new BBR App is super simple, and will help you remain accountable and motivated. After your check in you’ll receive an updated Meal Guide/Macros depending on your answers to the questions asked, and all your results will be collated in your “My Trackers” area in the App.

  • I don’t live in Australia, can I participate in the Challenge?

YES, absolutely you can! My Challenges open worldwide. I train clients all over the world, and have a large amount of clients in countries such as New Zealand, US and UK. If you are concerned that the foods in my diets may not be accessible to you – don’t be worried!  Food Swaps are really simple in my new BBR App, so if you need to make a quick modification to suit what’s available where you live, this will be easy. 

  • Are there different workouts every day?

YES, all three Challenges include a 6 Week Training Plan. The training plan includes 6 training days per week, and 1 full rest day. Every workout is different, so you will remain motivated and not lose interest!

  • What if I don’t know how to do an exercise?

Fear not! Your BBR App includes a video demonstration of Rach doing each exercise, as well as written ques, so you’ll feel confident knowing exactly what you are doing.


We are always listening to your feedback and working to improve our service and we have some exciting new features on the App.

ACCESS TO BOTH HOME AND GYM CHALLENGES: You will now have access to both Home and Gym Challenges for the price of one!

RECIPES NOW AVAILABLE VIA THE APP: All BBR recipes + more are now available VIA the BBR App! We believe this will allow for a much smoother delivery of our recipes and allow you to get creative in the kitchen!

NEW SWAP FEATURE: We believe this new swap process, will make swapping your foods SO much easier!

WEEKLY PLANNER: We now have a weekly planner available for you girls to see your workout split each week!

EXERCISE TUTORIALS: Now although I cannot be there physically with you in the Gym, I believe this feature is going to help you immensely. Emma and I have filmed 60+ videos of exercises we see most commonly performed incorrectly. We talk you through the most common mistakes made and how to correct them to ensure you are getting the most out of each exercise.

NEW VIDEOS: We have refilmed ALL of our exercise videos! They are of a higher quality and faster.

MULTIPLE APP TOOL: Yes FINALLY if you are a previous BBR girl you will continue to gain access to multiple challenges at once which allows you to swap between those you have purchased!