2-in-1 Booty & Core Program FAQs


You asked for it... so you know we had to do it for you! The Team and I have been working behind the scenes on creating this, and I am so proud of what we've been able to achieve. With gyms closed worldwide, I was inspired to create a Program that is truly accessible to everyone! You deserve a Program that enables you to stay active and work towards your goals no matter the circumstance, and this Program does exactly that. Introducing our BRAND NEW... 2-in-1 Booty & Core 6 Week Program!

I've combined everything you know and love from my BBR Challenges with 45 minute home workouts! Sound like something you'd love? Read on!⬇️ 

This blog will give you a complete overview of what you can expect as part of this experience. Places will officially open this Monday, May 11th. If you haven't already, click here to register your interest to secure first access and enter the running for the chance to win free entry!

  • What makes this different from other BBR Programs/Challenges?

The style of training in this Program is what separates it from anything we've previously offered at BBR. I've taken all of the features you love most from our BBR App (yes, this includes access to ALL of our latest features!) and combined them with brand new workouts. 

You will have access to two different workout options in this Program; minimal equipment and no equipment. What I love most about these workouts is that you can complete them anywhere, anytime! If you're someone who travels frequently or prefers training outside of the gym, this is the BBR Program for you. 

⏰This Program also includes 45 minute workouts! All workouts feature a playable workout demonstration in the BBR App, allowing you to follow on and train with me for each and every workout!

  • What equipment will I need?

You will have access to two workout planners in your BBR App: minimal equipment and no equipment. 

For minimal equipment workouts, I recommend access to a set of dumbbells, skipping rope, booty band, set of ankle weights, exercise ball, yoga mat and a bench. 

For the no equipment workouts, you don't need anything except for your beautiful self! Having a yoga mat and bench/step is recommended, but these can be replaced by other items at your disposal. 

  • Can I see an example of the workout split?

All workouts include a warm up or activation circuit. You can view an example of the workout split below!

  •  Can I see an example of this style of workout? 

You got it! I've been LOVING these workouts during isolation! Take a look at 3 similar workouts below:

👉Full Body Circuit: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_vitB-n_LE/

👉Booty & Core: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_MmKZhnkGD/

👉No Equipment Lower Body: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-dFdilHXwU/

  • Can I complete this Program if I've never trained before?

Of course! However, I want to make it clear that this Program is no walk in the park. These workouts are no joke! If you're finding the training intensity to be too difficult, I recommend incorporating longer rest periods. 

  • Do I need to workout 6 days per week?

As I said, this Program is intense! It's very lower body and core focused. I would be happy with you training anywhere from 4-6 times per week. On your rest days, you can opt for a LISS cardio option. You also have the option in my App Workout Planner to build your training regime to suit your lifestyle!

  • Do I get access to the BBR Workout Library?

You sure do! Not only will you have access to 6 weeks of BOTH minimal and no equipment workouts, you have the option to choose from hundreds of additional BBR workouts in our Workout Library. We have target workouts, finishers, HIIT and LISS options, warm ups, and so much more! All workouts include 3 intensity levels, depending on your overall fitness - so there's something for everyone, from a complete beginner to a seasoned athlete. 

Your customisable workout planner is another amazing feature that pairs well with the Workout Library! Not only you can move around, mix, and match your workouts - but you can also integrate extras or swap workouts using the Library with a few quick swipes.

Here are some examples of using the Workout Planner + Library to truly make the program your own:

✔️Want to slightly shift the focus of your program - e.g. incorporate an extra lower body training day? No problem - just swap one of your full body circuits for one of the targeted glute sessions from my Library!

✔️Add of remove finishers depending on how you feel following your workout

✔️ Incorporate gym-style weighted sessions if you have access to a broader range of equipment (e.g. barbells, machines), etc

✔️ Short on time? Swap your workout for a challenging HIIT circuit, most of which are under 30 minutes in duration

✔️ Modify the number of Rest Days based on your schedule 

✔️ And much more!

  • Does it include a Meal Guide?

Yes! This Program includes access to all the tools you need to transform and achieve your goals. You will receive a customised Meal Guide based on your goals and preferences, as well as;

✔️We cater to a broad range of dietary requirements (including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Seafood Free, Vegan and more)

✔️Recipe options for each meal, with 200+ additional recipes available in the Recipe Library

✔️Option to swap out most ingredients included in your meals to accommodate for preferences and dietary restrictions

✔️Our interactive Food Journal, which is a nutrition tracking tool fine-tuned to your individual requirements! Record your intake, modify meals or create your own - the possibilities are endless

✔️Dynamic calorie and macro trackers that update throughout your day as you log your meals

✔️Freestyle Macros feature, allowing you to create your own macros split and integrate it into the Food Journal

✔️Extensive information sections and tutorials, covering topics such as flexible dieting, meal prep basics, and how-to's on nutrition features in the app, to help you get the most of your Meal Guide


Nutrition plays such an important role in allowing you to transform, and this Program provides you with everything you need and more. 

  • How much does it cost?

This Program is available for one-time fee of $79.99USD. You will have access to all features in my BBR App for 6 months, which breaks down to $3 per week! 

  • Will I get access to the latest BBR App features?

You sure will! You get access to EVERYTHING! This includes a customised Meal Guide with recipe options all of the nutrition features we have on offer, progress tracking, goal setting, mindset training, our workout library + so much more. 

  • Do I get a check in?

Yes! You will have a check in at Week 3 of your Program to give us an opportunity to review and progress/feedback and make any updates we recommend. 

Do you have any further questions? Don't worry, we got chu! Simply email info@bodiesbyrachel.com.au or chat with us via Live Chat at www.bodiesbyrachel.com.au. We're here to help!❤️

  • When does the Program begin?

The first intake will officially begin on Monday, May 25th and will have subsequent intakes beginning every following Monday. I've created this Program to always remain available on website, so you can join anytime and begin right away! It was specifically designed for girls who have access to minimal equipment or no equipment at all. It's the perfect option for ladies who travel frequently for work, or prefer to train outside the gym!

If you haven't already, be sure to register your interest for your chance to win free entry! Click here to enter now: https://bodiesbyrachel.com.au/pages/6-week-2-in-1-booty-core-registration

Thank you so much for reading! This Program officially launches Monday, and I cannot wait to share it with you❤️