What Can You Achieve With A BBR Challenge?

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Whether you have joined the TLM Challenge that starts Monday (it's not too late to join!) or are thinking of joining the BBR community in the future, you may be wondering what’s possible to achieve in the space of one Challenge. You likely have certain expectations, and it’s only natural to wonder:

  •  Is it possible to achieve your goals in the Challenge’s timeframe – or at least get significantly closer to them?
  • Are the changes you desire attainable at all?
  •  And overall, are your aspirations realistic for the journey you’re embarking on?

These are all excellent questions, as there is nothing more disheartening than setting unrealistic expectations and then failing to meet them even remotely. This can easily discourage you from continuing your journey, even if you’re doing great objectively!

By the same token, expecting too little of yourself can backfire, too. True – small, sustainable changes are the best! However, you also want to gently push your limits every single day, as staying in your comfort zone 100% of the time is unlikely to reap maximum benefits for your health and physique.

So, what are the right expectations – not too far fetched, not too humble? Let’s talk about what you can achieve in one BBR Challenge, such as Train Like Me!

Here are just some of the positive changes you can expect:

Learning to train for your goals – and enjoying it!

There is no point trying to stick to an exercise regime that you dread. In contrast, workouts should be a fun challenge to look forward to each day! This is not to say BBR workouts are a breeze – in fact, they’re the opposite of that! However, the more you train – the more enjoyable it becomes, we promise!

We help our BBR girls fall in love with their workouts by:

  • Providing an amazing variety of routines – for example, the TLM Challenges consist of 4 x 2-week blocks, meaning workouts change completely every 2 weeks!
  •   Making sure training is accessible anywhere, anytime – for each BBR workout, there is a not only a Gym option, but also a Home option that requires minimal equipment and can be completed even in a small apartment.
  • Tailoring each program to specific goals – so you always have a plan instead of aimlessly moving between exercises. And if you’re new to exercise or haven’t performed any particular move in the past, fear not – all workouts in the BBR app come with both video tutorials and thorough written descriptions.

Structuring programs for specific goals has always been Rachel’s top tool for getting stage ready and improving her physique each year!

In 2018, Rachel’s goal was a full-body bikini transformation to achieve “a tiny waist, sculpted legs, a tight core and shapely, hourglass figure”. This approach, upon which TLM 1.0 was built, yielded amazing results which would not have been possible without a solid focus! Rachel admits that as disciplined as she is, it can be difficult to “changing [the] usual training and resisting the temptation to do the [more preferred] workouts”. However, the results really spoke for themselves:

In 2019, while still performing a split that incorporated most muscle groups, Rachel also aimed to “build the best legs to date” – and as you can see from the progress pics, she has certainly crushed this goal and claimed her WBFF Pro Bikini Diva title back! If you share similar goals, TLM 2.0 is a great challenge for you!

Establishing a positive relationship with nutrition

For most people, nutrition is the most difficult aspect of any fitness regime. This is not surprising: after all, most workouts take up an hour of the day, often less, whereas nutrition requires constant attention.

Inevitably, if you’re new to nutrition planning, there is a learning curve attached – however, ignoring this aspect of your lifestyle can easily override any benefits of diligently following an exercise protocol. Appropriate nutrition forms a big part of the journey, determining the way you look, feel and respond to training.

Acknowledging the importance of nutrition, we try making it as easy as possible for our clients by:

  • Providing several options of planning your intake, from detailed Meal Guides to one of the newest features, Freestyle Macros.
  • Offering a huge collection of nutritious recipes that make healthy eating enjoyable – and seamlessly fit into your goals
  • Including a library of resources with each challenge, from general nutrition information to Food Swap tables and more

We are constantly incorporating new ways to help our clients manage their nutrition, and only offer balanced approaches. No quick fixes, no crash diets or magic pills – just wholesome, nutritious foods to help achieve your goals!

Achieving a sense of confidence and a positive mindset

Mindset is just as important as physical changes! By challenging yourself and pushing through doubts, setbacks and challenges, you are creating a new, more resilient version of yourself each day. There’s no better way of finding out what you’re truly capable of than constantly testing your capabilities, and the satisfaction from succeeding is the best feeling ever.

Keeping track of your progress by setting and tracking your goals can really help with all the above! Acknowledging this, we have recently added some amazing features to the app, including:

  • The “Workout Notes”, enabling you to record the details of each workout – such as sets, reps, rest times, and whatever else that can help you build upon each workout in the future!
  • The brand-new section called “My Goals” that helps with accountability by allowing you to rate your progress in various aspects of your journey each day

And as always, you can track your measurements and upload your photos through the Challenge, as well as visit the “Mindset” section for new inspirational quotes and tips each day.

But what about those body goals?

You are probably excited to discover just how much your physique can change over the duration of one BBR challenge! And although everyone’s physique progress is different and depends on a variety of factors, we can promise the following: by staying consistent with all aspects of training and nutrition, you will get closer to your goal in the next few weeks.

Here are some of the transformations from last year’s TLM 1.0!


Carly's Transformation



Through their hard work and determination, these ladies were able to achieve unbelievable results with our TLM 1.0 challenge – and there is no reason why you can’t experience great progress, too!

In conclusion, by consistently implementing a thorough, effective training protocol in conjunction with a tailored nutrition plan, you can achieve so much in just a couple of months! It’s not going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it!

Join our BBR community today - let’s do this!

Much love xx