The Highs and Lows of Comp Prep

Time flies – can you believe The WBFF Worlds 2019 is almost upon us? 

Over the last weeks, Rachel and Emma have given their everything to the comp prep, striving to get the best shape of their lives and show it all off on stage! 

Today, they share some of the highs and lows of their competition prep journey – so if you’ve always been wondering about both challenging and rewarding aspects of getting stage-ready, here’s your chance to catch a raw, honest glimpse! 

And the best thing? The points below can be applied to any stage of your fitness journey, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete – so read on if you could use some advice and inspiration. 

The challenging

As Emma likes saying, “nothing worth having comes easy”! Comp prep is a challenging journey, and here are just some aspects Rachel and Emma found the trickiest this year.

Racing against the clock. Competition-ready physiques aren’t built overnight, and a great amount of time must be dedicated for quality prep! However, in reality many athletes have other major areas of their lives that require attention. Rachel acknowledges: “Running a business, I often find it hard to juggle meal prep, posing, training, recovery, work and have “me-time”!”.

Trusting the process. Like with any fitness journey, results don’t happen overnight – and on a tight preparation schedule, not seeing quick results can be particularly aggravating. Rachel adds: “Most of the time, it’s best to not overcomplicate it and trust that consistency and hard work WILL pay off”. 

Sometimes though, honest self-reflection is inevitable – as Emma notes, “there’s definitely times when you need to be self-critical and tweak your routine, being that pushing it harder at the gym or adding extra cardio. However, it’s important to celebrate wins at the same time to stay motivated and dedicated!”

Nurturing the right mindset. Training for a big event while having to deal with multiple other things on a to-do list can make it tough to maintain a positive mindset! “I think it is normal to find yourself being critical and down on yourself” – Rachel points out. - “It’s important to recognise those unhelpful thought patterns and pull yourself out as quickly as possible or rely on your support system for extra encouragement!” 

Emma agrees: “Competing is a very hard challenge both mentally and physically, and something I've found very important throughout this process is to be realistic - but also kind to yourself and your journey. It’s a time when nurturing self-love is especially important. You'll go on a crazy rollercoaster of exhaustion, self-doubt, wins, setbacks, reaching personal bests, not feeling like working out, and loving it all again… Hence, it's important that through all of this you're still giving yourself all the positive reinforcement you deserve!”

The rewarding

Despite the challenges and setbacks, setting a tough goal – such as competing! – also presents opportunities for growth, personal development and discovering some amazing things about your capabilities along the way. Here are some of the Emma and Rachel’s favourite things about competing:

Progress. Through all the discipline and dedication, amazing results can be achieved! As Rachel says, “competing always means discovering something new about yourself. I love seeing myself progress each day mentally and physically!”. Emma adds: “Many people are sympathetic towards comp prep. But at the end of the day, I chose to do this! I like to feel like I’m working hard and to know I’m doing everything I can!”

Sense of achievement. Both Rachel and Emma love how competing and stepping on that stage reminds them that whatever they set their minds to can be achieved! All that’s required is putting in hard work and trusting the process.

The journey itself. As much as taking the title is amazing, the best part of it all is still the journey itself! Rachel admits: “Stepping on stage is wonderful, but I also absolutely LOVE the journey leading up to it! I love connecting with so many BBR girls and followers and showing you that when you put your mind to something you can make it happen!”

It’s been a crazy ride, and we can’t wait to see our queens stepping on that stage and lighting up the room with their confidence, strength and beauty! 

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