The best time to start your fitness journey is right now

With my New Year Challenge right around the corner, I am getting so many messages from girls who feel intimidated to get started! What if you make a fool of yourself at the gym? Or fail to commit to your nutrition plan? And are you capable of changing your lifestyle at all, or maybe it’s just not the best time with everything else going on?

Here’s the truth: there’s no better time to commit to a new lifestyle than right this second.

Not Monday. Not once you’ve run out of pantry snacks. Not when work gets less stressful. I promise you, it’s right now - at the exact moment of reading this.

The reason I’m so confident is because I know all too well that if you don’t take a step forward in the present, you may not revisit your plans and goals anytime soon. Trust me - the process of changing your life doesn’t have to be crazy difficult! Let me show you exactly how you can reframe your mindset, and what small yet effective steps you can start taking today to set yourself up for overwhelming success you’ve always dreamed of.

The truth about being a beginner

Being a “beginner”is often seen as somewhat negative - as it implies having little to no experience.

However, who said that lack of experience is a bad thing? Why not look at it from a different angle and see an incredible opportunity?

Here’s a great post from Emma that about sums this up:

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Being a beginner is an OPPORTUNITY 💖 - 2017 vs 2020 - The reality is: you have to start before you can finish. - 🤍 It was once my first time walking into a gym 🤍 It was once my first time learning to squat with a weight beyond what I was comfortable with 🤍 It was once my first time hip thrusting over 100kg 🤍 It was once my first time making my own meal guide off macros I was given 🤍 It was once my first time dieting down 🤍 It was once my first time increasing calories above what I was used to 🤍 It was once my first time seeing the scale increase but my body changing in ways I loved - My point is - I’ve been there too. We are all the same. We all face first times and we all go through phases of feeling uncomfortable. But without the momentary discomfort we would never get to visit the unknown and experience new things. - Starting something is so often seen as a negative because it’s so far away from our end point. But really it’s an incredible opportunity to do something we’ve never done before - Being a beginner is an OPPORTUNITY! - How will you ever know just how much you achieve if you’re too scared to start 🙊😘

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👉 Everyone starts somewhere, no one is born perfect at something!

👉 There’s a first for everything: walking into the gym, doing a barbell squat, trying to hit your macros!

👉 Confidence is best built through action - you will never feel more comfortable without actually practicing!

👉 Those you look up to have once been complete beginners!

Making friends with fear

You may be thinking: “Well, getting started is much easier said than done - but every time I want to change my lifestyle, I get completely paralised by fear”. 

You are not alone!

👎 Success does not make you immune to fear! It always comes back when facing major changes.

👍 However, if you’re aware of this and are anticipating to be challenged, suddenly fear is not that scary!

Fear can be a great indicator of verging into a completely new territory. What if by following a new path,you will finally be able to achieve your wildest dreams? You never know until you try!

If you always wait for the fear to subside before acting, it may already be too late. Your original worries will likely get replaced by completely new ones (as our imagination is pretty endless, especially when it comes to negative scenarios). This cycle can go on and on, leading to nowhere.

As you actually want the change to happen, fear of the unknown is a perfect sign to push forward! 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable - I promise it’s worth it! 🔥

Tips for starting your journey right now

Here are some practical tips for taking the leap and starting your journey!

Take a structured approach

When you’re feeling overwhelmed to start with, something that really helps to stay grounded is following a structured approach,

So, think about a few months ahead and consider:

👉 How many days a week you can realistically train - and at what times

👉 When would you prepare your meals - daily, once a week, or something in between

👉 Which day(s) are most suited for rest and recovery in your schedule

👉 Are there any special occasions coming up where it may be more difficult to adhere to your goals and targets

...and so on! 

Soon, your schedule will start taking shape - and by adhering to your own structured schedule, you will feel much more focused and determined!

By mapping your complete training and nutrition schedule, my BBR App makes it incredibly easy to follow a structured approach! You can also customise both training and nutrition aspects completely to suit your lifestyle, making it easier than ever to adhere to your Program.

Set health and fitness goals

I will never tire of talking about just how important goal setting is for monitoring progress and succeeding! 

Getting to your goal will not always be easy, but it's all worth it in the end!


Stay consistent 

If you make even the tiniest positive steps towards your goal consistently - you are set to achieve much better results compared to attempting an overnight epic lifestyle overhaul. While a small number of people do excel at going “cold turkey”, for most it results in getting overwhelmed and resorting to old habits quickly.

Remember - we’re in this to create a lifestyle, not to try a quick fix!

Expect setbacks

Everyone approaches their journey with the best intent and drive to adhere to training and nutrition as much as possible. However, one of the most devastating mistakes is expecting perfection. So many gorgeous girls fall off the wagon just because they don’t feel like they’re doing “well enough”!

The problem with perfection is very doesn’t exist!

By expecting curve balls, obstacles and setbacks and having a plan in place to tackle them as they come, you are placing yourself in a much better position than aiming for perfection and then feeling like a failure when something goes slightly wrong.

Reach out for support

Being surrounded by supportive, like-minded women cheering you up along the way and sharing their own experiences is EVERYTHING!

Join the BBR Facebook Forum today - and experience a tribe of fierce fitness sisters like no other!

Ready to start your fitness journey?

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Much love,

Rach xx