Rachel's top tips for surviving the holidays

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a handful! 🙊

So, these holidays, quality time with friends and family is especially important...but so are your goals! There are so many things happening around this time of the year, and it’s especially easy to stray away from the amazing healthy habits you have been working on establishing. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find balance!

Fortunately, Rachel is no stranger to juggling between social occasions and staying on track, some amazing holiday survival tips up her sleeve!

Tip #1: Plan ahead

From family gatherings to social occasions, it’s likely that you already have a pretty good idea of your silly season schedule - so plan in advance and select a few occasions where you’d like to really let loose and indulge, and stay more conscious of your intake in other instances.

In other words, instead of trying to force yourself into your normal routine over the holidays - which is extremely unlikely to work out - consciously plan around the festivities!

Rachel’s insight: “I always map out my holiday calendar and come up with a clear plan of action that’s easily adaptable to the festive routine. I strategically pick occasions where I allow myself to indulge and really let my hair down (cue Christmas family lunch!), and remain mindful of my choices throughout other events. This helps me stay in control while still enjoying myself!”

Tip #2: Stay active

It’s easy to fall off the workout wagon completely during the holidays - lots of exciting events and gatherings and straying away from the daily routine make it easy to neglect training! 

Rachel’s insight: “I always incorporate workouts into my holiday schedule - this keeps me accountable and consistent! Usually, over this time I gravitate towards short, efficient sessions with minimal equipment, that I can do anywhere, any time”.  

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Tip #3: Choose wisely

True - your results reflect what you do consistently, not just sometimes. So if you’re someone who has been on top of your health and fitness goals for the best part of the year, please enjoy a relaxed day (or a few) of pavlovas, second helpings and deliciousness!

In saying that, it’s also wise to try and find a balanced approach between indulging and making more decadent choices. 

Rachel’s insight: “Food will always be there! So, if you’re already full and satisfied, do you really need to pile up more onto your plate? It’s completely fine to say no to something that feels a bit overboard, just for the sake of it. ” 

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Tip #4: Watch your drink

If you choose to drink alcohol, do it responsibly and mindfully! While it’s totally ok to enjoy a few drinks with the fam, it’s very important to remember that not only those provide a significant amount of calories, but also dull your judgement, making you more likely to overindulge at the table. 🤤

Rachel’s insight: “When drinks are involved, I tend to go for lower calorie options such as vodka soda, stretch my beverages for as long as possible, and alternate them with water. Enjoying a few drinks is completely fine, but going overboard with this only makes you miserable the day after!”

Tip #5: Get back into the routine ASAP!

Once the holidays are over, it’s crucial to ease yourself back into the routine ASAP!

Rachel’s insight: “For me, it’s incredibly important to come up with a plan to get back on track right after the holidays! I usually start with re-aligning my nutrition and coming up with a solid training schedule”.  

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