Master your mindset

Wow, what a week!

To my BBR ladies who have started their Challenges this week - WELCOME! I can’t wait to follow your progress and see what you can achieve!

Getting all the questions and feedback from you has got me thinking... When picturing a perfect fitness journey, we often get very fixated on how many times a week should you train, what meals you should be putting on your plate, and what kind of programming is best for your goals.

Don’t get me wrong, Queen - these things are all super important!

However, one of the most (if not THE most!) crucial factors influencing your success - not just in fitness, but also in general! - is actually your mindset

It seems so painfully small and obvious, and yet mindset - or the way you think about things consistently - has a direct impact on your behaviour, health, and results! And I truly believe that to excel in any area, mastering your mindset is a must.

Our outlook in life has certainly been put to the test through the uncertain COVID times! Many locations all around the world are still severely affected by the pandemic and its consequences, and my thoughts are with you, wonderful people. At times like these, it’s extremely important to nurture a positive mindset and focus on things you can control and enjoy. I have made a little post on this in the middle of iso:

This is not to say this massive change in routine hasn’t been a struggle for me - over the years, I have just developed the tools to better tackle anything life throws at me, and stay in a more productive head space as opposed to giving up on everything because life isn’t following my perfect plan.

You can most certainly learn to master your mindset, too - and today, I thought I’d share some tips that really helped me. It’s a constant process of thought work and self-improvement, so let’s get learning together!

Reasons to work on your mindset

Here are some key reasons why I believe working on your mindset is amazing for all areas of life, including your fitness journey!

#1 To fall in love with yourself

Healthy self-esteem is so important! The first step to achieving anything is actually believing you can do it - which is near impossible if you don’t see yourself in a positive light.

When your inner dialogue with yourself is kind, it results in feeling inspired and focused. On the contrary, if you’re constantly shaming yourself, only doubt and self-criticism follow.

#2 To think like a winner

Having a positive mindset doesn’t mean only having positive emotions and thoughts all the time - rather, it’s about focusing on ways that you can make your current situation better.

Even if it’s really not your day, working on your mindset can help you develop a winning mentality and truly believe that you can find the necessary resources to make the best out of your situation.

#3 To stay determined

Motivation is great, but it won’t always be there for you! Some days, you won’t really “feel” like getting your workout done, or doing grocery shopping for weekly meal prep.

This is where staying dedicated and focused - no matter what - comes into play. You can’t always rely on external motivation, however developing a healthy mindset can help you stay self-driven and disciplined.

#4 To overcome any obstacles

No matter how badly you want to achieve a certain goal, your journey will never be completely smooth. To get through rough waters, the proper mindset is essential! Staying courageous, open-minded and flexible in any situation, as well as handling pressure well, all comes with mastering your mindset.

Here are some examples of how the right mindset can help you on your health and fitness journey:

  • You will set your goals from a place of self-love and acceptance;
  • You will be happy with yourself, no matter if you’ve already reached your goals or have just started you way there;
  • You will always believe that you CAN do anything - from staying on track with nutrition to hitting your personal best in the next tough workout;
  • You will show up and do your best, no matter if motivation is there or not!

Fixed vs growth mindset

So, the reasons to work on your mindset are plentiful - but where are you supposed to start, exactly?

There are many different approaches to shifting your way of thinking, and of course, feel free to do more research and find tips and techniques that work for you. But I thought I’d share a concept that I personally find really helpful and practical: fixed vs growth mindset, which was created by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck.

People with a fixed mindset believe that they are dealt certain cards in life, and this is what they’re stuck with. For example, they may believe that they can’t ever reach their physique goals due to not having the “right” genetics, or that they can never adjust to doing their workouts early in the morning, even if it’s best for their schedule, as they are “just not a morning person”. 

In essence, those with a fixed mindset are motivated to avoid failure at all costs, which can often mean never actively trying to get out of their comfort zone, take risks, or try new things.

People with a growth mindset believe that their abilities and skills can be developed when enough effort is applied. They are not afraid to put in the work just to see whether something comes out of it - being that in fitness or other areas of life! Those with a growth mindset are appreciative of any feedback so long as it's constructive, are always ready to be challenged and see hard work as a pathway to success.

Shifting your mindset

Evidence shows that developing a growth mindset is highly beneficial for reaching any goals, learning, and developing new skills. Fortunately, even if your mindset is fixed, you can nurture a growth mindset and eventually learn to see everything in a more positive, constructive light!

Here are some practical tips on shifting your mindset that you can start incorporating right away!

  • Work on your self-talk. Instead of saying to yourself over and over again that you “can’t do this”, “don’t have time”, or “simply can’t stick to your nutrition plan” - instead, reassure yourself that you CAN do it, and that all that’s required is trying and doing your best, as opposed to achieving perfection each time.
  • Make note of your language. And no, I don’t mean naughty words! ;) The way you speak about things matters just as much as your inner dialogue. When describing your efforts and achievements, avoid saying things like “I’m terrible at this” or “I look stupid when I do this exercise”. Instead, consciously focus on noting the good things in your life instead of complaining. Try “I had a great workout today” or “That healthy dessert I prepared tasted delicious” - you get the idea!
  • Don’t be afraid to learn and apply new knowledge. Don’t let your mind settle “just because” - keep learning, researching and challenging what you already know! Read inspiring books, listen to podcasts created by experts and ask lots of questions to level up your knowledge and apply new approaches.


Remember, lovely lady - the first step to achieving virtually anything is believing you can do it!

No one said the journey is always easy, but it doesn’t need to be, so long as it’s possible.

I am looking forward to following your health and fitness journey, and hopefully with the tips above, your newly found mindset will take you far beyond your original expectations! 

Much love,