How to Build the Perfect Self Care Routine

Everyone raves on about the importance of self-care, but when you take a look into your daily routine, are you actually practising what you preach? 

Self-care is deeply personal and looks different for each person, which is why it can become overwhelming when there are so many different ways we can choose to practice it. What works for some people might not be enjoyable for you, which is why it’s important to recognise what makes YOU happy and content, and understand what you need to be able to wake up every morning feeling your best.

Self-care is an art of balance, and comes down to five elements that work together to create harmony.

The 5 key areas of self-care is your Physical, Social, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional wellbeing. 

If your current routine is lacking a few of these elements, you might be feeling the signs of fatigue, irritability or stress.

Let’s take a minute to check in with your current self-care habits ➡️


We hope most of these boxes have already been ticked, but there’s always room for improvement... So what can you do?


We make plans for our social life, work schedules, holidays and exercise regimes, but often fail to plan time for something as simple, yet essential as self-care. Before you can step into other aspects of your life as your best self, you need to take care of your own needs first!

You don’t need to worry about mastering all 5 aspects at once, this will come by building upon smaller habits bit-by-bit to create your perfect routine with time.

Each week, you can work on implementing one new self-care habit, and eventually create a complete self-care routine that will leave you feeling and being your best.

Here are our 5 steps to building the perfect self-care routine: 

Make me-time

  1. Take time to do something you love every. single. day. Destroy the idea that ‘me-time’ is selfish! Let yourself be 100% guilt-free for doing something that makes you happy. The people in your life will also benefit from you feeling refreshed and content. 


  1. It’s so important to be able to sit with yourself and be present with your thoughts. Whether that’s through guided meditation or sitting in stillness, take the time to develop a deeper sense of purpose, connection, and alignment with your true self. 


  1. Moving your body is another form of meditation for some, and is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your wellbeing. Exercise releases positive endorphins, increases your energy levels, sleep quality and boosts your mental and sexual health. It’s also important to tune in to how your body is feeling, and know when to rest.

Mirror work 

  1. Never underestimate the power of manifestation! The thoughts and words you put into the universe will be reflected back to you, so it’s important to express your true desires and intentions through visualisation and positive affirmations.

    “If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hands”.

Maintain your sense of you 

  1. Always remember to put your own needs first. Learn to recognise when you need to give yourself more attention, and make the effort to fulfil these personal needs. This includes developing healthy boundaries with others and knowing when to say no. 

Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for taking a little more time to practice self-care, and will show you love and abundance in return. Now that you’ve got all the tips, let’s switch off our devices for a moment and do something for you!

Enjoy Queen ❤️