9 Reasons You're NOT Seeing Results!


Hi gorgeous, 

Are you someone who has been putting in the work but not seeing results? This is so common and something I notice when a lot of my girls join BBR! 

With my new 4 Week Challenge right around the corner, I've been busy creating everyone's programs. Thank you to everyone who has joined, I cannot wait to get started!!

The first thing I do for my Challenges is read the client's Questionnaire, which tells me everything I need to know about their current lifestyle, habits, and bodies. While we are all unique, with different goals and relationships to fitness, I'm seeing that the same reasons stop us all from make the progress we desire. I decided to write this blog to share the top 9 reasons that stop us from seeing results and offer some of my advice to combat them!!

1. Cutting Food Groups 

I believe in following an approach that is sustainable long-term! There are so many different diets and trends, but ultimately you need to find an approach that you enjoy and more importantly, that you can adhere to over time. I find a lot of my girls have tried cutting carbs, but after a few weeks are binging and gaining more weight. 

At BBR, I don't promote cutting any food groups. I recommend meal guides with carbs, fats, and proteins and a variety of foods! Bringing consistency to your eating and maintaining a balanced diet is something my girls find easy to follow and enjoy! My biggest mantra when it comes to health and fitness is that it's something you must embrace long-term as a lifestyle change, not a short-term fix!


2. Not Lifting!

You guessed it, I love lifting!! So do my girls!! I was only saying to my partner yesterday how much I love the feeling of being strong. I think we've already come such a long way, with so many females now being open-minded about weight training and breaking the stereotype that it makes us look masculine. 

My goal has always been to created a toned, feminine shape and I owe it all to lifting. Weight lifting has so many benefits, but 3 of my faves are:

  • INCREASE YOUR METABOLISM - As you increase your lean muscle mass, your metabolism also increases...which means the more muscle your body has, the more calories you will burn!
  • BUILD YOUR SHAPE - There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but when it comes to building muscle and shaping our bodies, we need to lift! The myth that weights will make females bulky is well and truly gone and now we see the benefits it has to help women shape their bodies!
  • To feel STRONG! Nothing feels as good as feeling fit and strong in the gym!

 I LOVE watching my girls fall in love with their training and have their bodies transform. 


3. Poor Form When Lifting

One of my biggest tips in the gym is to drop the weight and focus on form!! It's all about contraction! With every movement I do, I focus on mind-to-muscle connection and squeezing the working muscle. I notice a lot of people turn up to the gym and sort of 'go through the motions'...This could be one of the reasons you're not seeing your desired results. Quality over quantity always!

Have you been training correctly?

One of my favourite parts of my BBR App is having playable videos with timers, so you can follow me while you workout. Having demonstrations + tips and seeing the exercise tempo is so important!!


4. Not Tracking Macros / Weighing Your Food

While this may seem daunting if you haven't done it before, it's crucial if you're serious about making progress. The only way to know if you're over or under eating is to track your foods!

I provide my girls with specific macros + meals to reach their macros. Eating the right amounts of the right foods each day is the best way to change your body composition. 


5. Not Following A Sustainable Approach

I don't believe in taking extreme measures, because they are never sustainable! However, on the daily I see new trends emerge and they are always taken to the extreme. I see so many girls now cuttings carbs, aiming for 20,000 steps a day and constantly eating in a deficit. Is this something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

My approach at BBR is always to provide a lifestyle that is sustainable long-term. I want to see my girls embracing health and fitness just as I have done! This means training once per day for 45-60 mins and eating a balanced diet of foods you enjoy.

I also strongly believe in reverse dieting. Unfortunately, so many females have jumped from diet to diet and caused metabolic damage. I am a strong believer n putting in time to repair any metabolic damage. I do believe this is done via reverse dieting and the goal for all my clients is to have them eating more and still seeing their desired results. 

We have many different responsibilities in life and our fitness journey should help us thrive in all areas, not take away from others! I can't preach this enough!


6. Effort vs Expectations

Are you setting realistic expectations? Do your actions reflect these expectations? If your answer to either of these questions is no, it's time to change something!

It's SO important align your expectation with your effort. Start by setting smaller short-term goals, and continue to update your goals as you progress. At every stage of your journey, only you will know how committed you truly are. The magic happens when your efforts align with your expectations!


7. Imitating Someone Else's Routine

We are all different! We have different goals, different bodies, different lifestyles and our bodies all respond differently to change. If you've been copying what you see someone else doing, it might be time to re-evaluate. This is a really easy way to build a negative relationship with fitness! Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself to someone else!

While it's good to take inspiration and ideas from others, you should always create a training + nutrition plan that is specific to YOU and YOUR goals. This is why I love my Challenges! I'm able to provide my girls with specific programs that work for them!


8. Not Having A Goal

Succeeding on your fitness journey is just like any other area of life, you have to identify your goal first! One thing I love about fitness is that nothing happens by chance, you have to work for what you want!

You might be eating healthily and exercising regularly, but if you aren't aligning your action to your goal, it will likely be very hard for you to progress. I always get my girls to define their goal, and then I create their program based on this. 



The greatest reason of all! Consistency is the MOST important element to any fitness journey. As I mentioned earlier, in order to truly succeed you must embrace this long-term! While it's possible to make some amazing changes in a matter of weeks, you will end up failing and falling back into your old habits if you're looking for a short term fix. Changing your mentality and learning to love the process is so so important! This is a journey that's meant to be enjoyed. You should love yourself through every step of the way! Once you adopt this mentality, it's easy to be consistent because you love what you do!

One bad meal won't ruin your progress, just like one good meal won't change the way you look. It's all about taking small, positive actions every day! I personally have one cheat meal per week (1/28 meals). This means I'm adhering to my diet 96% of the time! If having a small treat once a week allows you to follow your meal guide for all your other meals that week, then you are winning! Aim to make progress day-by-day and week-by-week!


I hope you found this useful! If you are someone that has been putting in work and not making progress, take some time to identify your actions and see if they align with your goal. Look at your current training and nutrition and evaluate if you could make any changes to help you progress. 

I created my BBR Challenges to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. This not only includes your training + meal guide (based on you and your goals), but also mindset training and the environment for you to learn and grow. Fitness has changed my life and it makes me so happy to see so many other lives changing in the same way!!

If you'd like to join my final BBR Challenge for 2018, click here. This is a 4 Week program, focused on shredding, tightening and toning! Places are over 70% full and will be reaching capacity in the coming days!

Much love, 

Rach xx